Life at upgenics

We upgenics believe we have social responsibility and we can achieve it through our knowledge and passion.

It is both an honor and privilege to serve as the Executive Director of Upgenics International. This role has provided me with an opportunity to lead a dynamic organization at a time when there is so much potential for modernization and growth. As a company, our primary goal is to provide a solution to problems through the utilization of sound and efficient processes. Our focus is on improvements to make common man’s life easy. Serving this company requires that we seek and act on the expectations, create services that fulfil their needs and then determine if there is satisfaction with our efforts. We are committed to this endeavor and we must work cooperatively to address our customer’s needs. While we do regulate, we cannot dictate.

Rana Manzoor Hussain

Executive Director

Upgenics International



“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Serving employees with hospitality is the best reward one can have. The way new entrants are welcomed can lead to a long-lasting relationship. Every thought an employee has produced, anything he has said and any action he has performed, becomes a memory. So, we always say goodbyes with a wish that may they get much joy, happiness and success in the new chapter of life.



Open to learn and play to win!

Take on challenges and believe in yourself to win. Seasoned events motivate employees to be more energetic on how to drive efficiency and growth. Biggest Tekken Tournament for active gamers conducted at Upgenics, with gaming enthusiasts to boost and vitalize the gaming ecosystem within employees.



Let’s work hard, but have fun too!

Entertainment is essential in work; therefore we believe that if we have fun developing things, then surely people are going to enjoy using them.

We foster originality, efficiency, and excellence by providing a platform where you can work and have a great time, too!



Days spend with friends, are the days well spent!

In a world where you can do anything – travel, because it’s the friends, we meet along the way, help us appreciate the journey of life.

We make sure the diversity of events, emerging out to be the experience of fun, fear, adventure, collaboration and hospitality.



Recognize Your Employees and Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Keeping your team happy is crucial, sharing a few tangible and intangible rewards make them enthusiastic and dedicated, as a world without A’s and praise, gold stars and incentives is demoralizing.

Motivation is the key inspiration to success! So, we set an environment of presenting honor and rewards periodically to boost employee engagement to ensure triumph!